Hi all,

CalDavZAP 0.10.1rc1 available with the following changes:

- Japan localization
- support for changing calendar color (use shift + click on the color to define hex code)

- support for loading and unloading calendars (and delegated calendars) - see the screenshots below (use the top right icon in the collection list)

- support for arrow icons (to easily find out of view events) - see the screenshot below

- LOT of other improvements and fixes

Known bugs:
- not all translations are complete ...


download: https://www.inf-it.com/CalDavZAP_0.10.0.42.zip
demo: https://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap-new/
changelog: https://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap-new/changelog.txt

Thanks for your feedback!