On 22-Feb-14 00:59, rog7993@web.de wrote:
Maybe I expressed it somewhat unclear. It was less a feature request for implementing a general link to the DAViCal admin page, than the question for a hint, where I could patch the code for my installation only.

You can do that rather easily by modifying index.html and executing the cache_update.sh script afterwards.
Just find the img tag with id="intLogout" (the logout button) and add this line just after it:
<img id="intAdmin" src="images/banner_settings.svg" alt="Admin" title="Admin" onclick="window.open('http://mydavical.admin.com')" style="display:block">
Now just modify the "http://mydavical.admin.com" attribute to point to your actual davical admin page and youre done. If you wish to add a blank space between the logout button and the newly created link, add this short line before the new icon:
 <div id="intBlank"></div>
Just a heads-up, the "images/banner_settings.svg" icon hasnt been modified for the new design yet, so it does not look as good as the other icons.


Matej Mihalik