Hi Uwe,

I asked Apple (see: http://calendarserver.org/ticket/468) to add support for cross domain queries (with my patch included).
It looks like they ignored my request, and I don't have time to check their changes (I don't even use python) so please try
to re-escalate my ticket, or you need to change the current Calendarserver source code yourself :-(



On 19 May 2016, at 21:02, Uwe Willenbacher <UWillenbacher@SFOpera.com> wrote:

Hello there,
I wonder if anybody is running CalDavZAP successfully on MacOS Yosemite. I looked into the readme files and the mailing list archive and found only a couple of emails from October 2014 related to this issue. Problem seems to be the “in good old Apple fashion” everything changed and the location and or implementation of certain services have either vanished or are being re-written and moved. In this case the only thing left in
is “ServerFoundation” with an “__init__.py” script.
The patch is looking for 
which vanishedL Has anybody been able to solve this problem? My goal is to have a user that is already logged into the server see his/her calendar online..
Thanks in advance for any help,
- Uwe