Hi Ploc,

yes of course, from the config.js:

// globalSubscribedCalendars
// This option specifies a list of remote URLs to ics files (e.g.: used
// for distributing holidays information). Subscribed calendars are
// ALWAYS read-only. Remote servers where ics files are hosted MUST
// return proper CORS headers (see readme.txt) otherwise this functionality
// will not work!

The main problem is related to CORS, because all JavaScript (XHR) requests are subject of CORS limitations in modern browsers :-/


On 19 Sep 2020, at 00:37, Ploc <pub2020@acampado.net> wrote:

Is there a way to add an additional external ics resource in infcloud config file?

I'm thinking about a static ics read-only calendar, such as holidays calendar:

https://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/datasets/le-calendrier-scolaire-format-ical/#resource-f3071c91-bd33-43e9-9fd5-3d6e3bfe7499 (french school holidays calendar)

Thanks for your answer.