from config.js:

// - checkContentType
//   This option enables a content-type checking for server response.
//   If enabled then only objects with proper content-type are inserted
//   into the interface.
//   If you cannot see data in the interface you may try to disable it (useful
//   if your server returns wrong value in "propstat/prop/getcontenttype").
//   If undefined then content-type checking is enabled.



On 04 Dec 2015, at 08:14, Sebastian Pfohl <sebastian@pfohlnet.de> wrote:

Hello, after doing first tests, i have added some events to my calendar. This is SabreDAV if this matters. I could see all my calendars in the left pane, but no events. However, if i add a new event, i get the message that the event is successfully added. If i look on the Desktop via eM Client to the same calendar, i can see all my events. But i cant see them in InfCloud. Is there something i have missconfigured?