yes by using globalAccountSettings (instead of globalNetworkCheckSettings or globalNetworkAccountSettings). If you use this configuration the username/password is publicly visible in the config.js (I strongly recommend you to create a new user with read-only privileges).

If you want to use different username/password combinations you must create as many installation directories, as many different configs you want to use. Alternatively you can generate the config.js dynamically (e.g. by using PHP/Perl/...).


On 25 Mar 2015, at 10:19, Jesús Gascón Gómez <jesusgascon@gmail.com> wrote:


At this moment the users get into their calendar by a server called  CalDav "Baïkal" integrated in CalDavZAP,

Is there any choice to share that calendar by having a visible link at the website, where we all can get in without introducing any password?