Hi Martin,

On Jul 25, 2013, at 4:16 PM, davclients@inf-it.com wrote:

Hi Ján,

Am 2013-07-25 15:15, schrieb Ján Máté:
looks like the same error as reported by Rudolf ... your XML response
from server must be invalid - it is usually caused by unsupported
character in the VEVENT definition (control character or something

You need to find a fix the problematic event and everything will work.

Is there a simple way to detect the broken event?

generic instructions: enable the network console in your browser, login to CalDavZAP and then copy the XML returned from your server (response text) and put it into XML validator

DAViCal instructions (with minor modification it should work on all servers with PostgreSQL backend):

SELECT * FROM caldav_data WHERE caldav_data !~ E'^[\u0009\u000A\u000D\u0020-\uD7FF\uE000-\uFFFD\u10000-\u10FFFF]+$';


I will report the problem to Andrew Mcmillan (DAViCal main developer).

I'm using sabreDAV, by the way.