Yes, that's probably a CalDAV-Sync issue. Android requires a DURATION for recurring events. Of course the DTEND should be removed in that case.
Is that our CalDAV-Sync or the other one? I'll check our code and fix it if necessary.



Am 29. Januar 2015 23:36:07 PST, schrieb Johan Vromans <>:
On Thu, 29 Jan 2015 14:28:11 -0800
Marten Gajda <> wrote:

Not sure if that's the actual reason, but the event has DTEND and
DURATION , which is invalid. These properties are mutual exclusive.

Apple is known to be picky, so this may very well be the reason this
appointment does not show on iPad.

How to reproduce:

Create the appointment using CalDAVzap or InfCloud: duration 2hours,
repeating weekly on MO and TH for some time (e.g. until 31-12-2015). The
appointment now has only DTEND.

On Android, modify the appointment, all occurrences, from 2hrs to 1hr.

Now it has both DTEND and DURATION.

Could this be a problem of the Android CalDAVsync app?

-- Johan

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