i watched this thread as it is very interesting to me, too. After applying the patch, now the selection of calendars is persistent. But one thing is a little bit confusing: deselected calendars are hidden in the interface but still get loaded when the gui starts up. Wouldn't it be a better performance, if the hidden calendars are only loaded on demand? Only when the user activates the deselected items again? With the settings remembered, i now don't see my archive calendars in the gui. But startup still take a long time.

Just to say: it is a great enhancement, that the settings are now remembered! MANY thanks for this option and the software itself!


Am 10.09.13 15:22, schrieb Ján Máté:

this is true ... we store the URL with the domain name because if you use multiple CardDAV accounts we need to distinguish between identical collection names.


On Sep 10, 2013, at 12:02 PM, rog7993@web.de wrote:


I got an idea what went wrong yesterday. It seems, that the saved
settings are dependent of the server name, one use for connecting to
CalDavZAP. The server, on which CalDavZAP and Davical runs, can be
reached with two different DNS names or better domains. Maybe I used one
in Firefox and the other on Chrome.




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