Hi Dario,

sorry but there is no option to hide the collection list after login, but you can
change the calendar view in config.js:

// globalActiveView
// This options sets the default fullcalendar view option (the default calendar
// view after the first login).
// Supported values:
// - 'month'
// - 'multiWeek'
// - 'agendaWeek'
// - 'agendaDay'
// NOTE: we use custom and enhanced version of fullcalendar!
// Example:
var globalActiveView='multiWeek';


On 23 May 2017, at 09:54, Dario Palmisano <Dario.Palmisano@icgeb.org> wrote:


I would like to modify the startup page showing the calendars.
In the specific I would like to start with the "Calendars" panel closed and
the calendar showing the "month" instead of "mweek". Is it possible? Is it
required to modify the source code? How?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion