i have a strange "sorting" problem within entities of address records. In my address records, i love to have telephon numbers ordered like this:

1) Mobile number
2) Office number
3) Office fax number
4) Number of assistant
and so on.

In this order i enter all the entities. Either in the contact app (iOS and OSX) or in CardDAVMate. In the Apple apps this sorting is persistent. In CardDAVMate, the behaviour is a little bit strange.

I enter the entities in the order i want, by changing the label of the entry appropriate. In the following example, i use the german names, as this may be the problem?

1) "Büro"
2) "Fax (Büro)"
3) "mobil"

After saving the new or changed contact, the entities are saved in the order i specified. I can see this in the iOS ans OSX apps. But in CardDAVMate, the contact refreshes and reorders the entities ON THE SCREEN like this:

1) "mobil"
2) "Fax (Büro)"
3) "Büro"

So well... In the iOS/OSX apps all is still ok. But now, when changing the contact again, whatever entry, and save the record, the order of the entities is changed to the order displayed on the screen (mobil, fax, ...)! In the iOS/OSX apps the order is changed too.

This is
annoying, because, if mobil is missing, the fax number is always on the first position. Is there any reason why the entities (labels?) are resorted?

Again, like always, thanx a lot for the great work you do on this software.