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There seems to be some kind of confusion as to what the problem is and we are talking about two different issues here :)
1. Julien is reffering to the fact that when you try to change a timed event to an all-day event, what actually happens is that you create a timed event thats starts at 00:00 of the start day, and end at 00:00 of the end day. That is a bug we identified some time ago, CalDavZAP incorrectly interpreted the all-day checkbox, thinking it wasnt ticked, even if it was, thus beeing unable to create a proper all-day event. The issue should be solved in the latest RC (0.9.1), however is still present on the demo site, which has the 0.9.0 version.
2. What Andrej is reffering to, is the interface behaviour when unticking the all-day checkbox. In the 0.9.0, when you untick the checkbox, the time values are auto-filled with 00:00 times, which can lead to some debatable (although logical) behaviour. We changed this in the 0.9.1 version, so the times for start and end date are auto-filled from the globalCalendarStartOfBusiness and globalCalendarEndOfBusiness config variables.

My question therefore is, which CalDavZAP version are you using Julien?

Matej Mihalik

On 12-Jul-13 00:57, Ján Máté wrote:
Hi Marten & Julien,

On Jul 11, 2013, at 10:17 PM, Marten Gajda <marten@dmfs.org> wrote:

just to be clear, if the events are all-day it should read as

the VALUE=DATE parameter is mandatory.

yes, we use this parameter

Am 11.07.2013 18:52, schrieb Julien Métairie:
I think it should not set any hour/minute, for example : 
SUMMARY:Test event 

In this manner, the event would appear with no time at all, as shown in attached screenshot. When creating a new event, it is a good idea to pre-fill start/end times with business hours, but a "all-day" event is valid all the day long (birthdays, holiday, ...). 

it is already fixed in the 0.9.1 rc1 ... and the start/end hours (about which Andrej talked) are set when you uncheck the "All day" checkbox (instead of 00:00, 00:00 in the next release we will use values from globalCalendarStartOfBusiness and globalCalendarEndOfBusiness settings).