Hi Johan,

this is a bit off-topic, since this is the mailing list for CardDavMATE and CalDavZap. Anyway, which Android version do you use? What exactly is the problem with the stock contacts app? I'm not familiar with iOS so I don't know what you're after.
Btw. the contacts app doesn't matter when it comes to compatibility with the server. There are well defined interfaces between the contacts app and CardDAV-Sync (i.e. the contacts contract on Android) and between CardDAV-Sync and the server (i.e. CardDAV) so any contacts app that supports the contacts database on Android should work.



Am 30.12.2013 19:58, schrieb Johan Vromans:

I've got a DAViCal server with calendars and contacts.
On my Android tablet, I run CalDAVsync and CardDAVsync (paid versions).

For the calendars, I use Business Calendar and it works fine.

For the contacts, the built-in Android app is too limited, so I'm
looking for a better contacts app, much like the contacts app on

Browsing the app store I see many contacts apps, mostly concentrating on
making phone calls, which is not my concern.

Can you suggest a good contacts manager for Android, one that plays
along nicely with the DAViCal server?


-- Johan


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