that's perfectly reasonable (and events with, say, less than a month past-due indeed do show up immediately). What is a bit confusing is that much earlier events do show up anyway after waiting a short time - just not immediately. Perhaps some consistency (either loading everything right from the start, or not loading events older than the 'globalEventStartPastLimit' limit at all - except maybe at a specific request of clicking a "load older/all todos" button) would be preferable? It's clearly not a big issue of course...

On 23-Apr-2014 16:31, Andrej Lezo wrote:
Hi Attila,
thanks for your attachment. The reason why you don't see your to-do from last year is because we use time range filtering for todo/event loading (Calendar-query) to minimalize server traffic. So we are loading todos which are after start of that time range. Unfortunately there is no such thing as using of time range filter in combination with STATUS=NEEDS-ACTION filter in logical "OR" relation (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4791#section-7.8).
But you can extend the start of your time range by setting  globalEventStartPastLimit variable to bigger number in config.js file. Default value is 3.
Dňa 22. 4. 2014 22:06 Attila Asztalos wrote / napísal(a):