Hi Jacob,

you can use the full URL form (which must be encoded, so for example: https://www.server.com/user@server.com/todo/ should be encoded as https://www.server.com/user%40server.com/todo/). However your problem may be related to settings stored on your server - the DAV property called http://inf-it.com/ns/dav/:settings which also contains the list of active/inactive/... collections.

From the config.js - globalActiveTodoCollections:

// NOTE: settings stored on the server (see settingsAccount) overwrite this

settingsAccount info in config.js:

// - settingsAccount
//   NOTE: server support for custom DAV properties is REQUIRED!
//   This option sets the account where the client properties such as:
//   loaded collections, enabled collections, ... are saved during
//   the logout and resource/collection synchronisation
//   NOTE: set it to true ONLY for ONE account!
//   Examples:
//     settingsAccount: true
//     settingsAccount: false
//   This property is supported in:
//     globalAccountSettings
//     globalNetworkCheckSettings
//     globalNetworkAccountSettings (available in auth module only)

it is also important to check the globalCrossServerSettingsURL configuration option:
// Settings such as enabled/selected collections are stored on the server
// (see the previous option) in form of full URL
// (e.g.: https://user@server:port/principal/collection/), but even if this
// approach is "correct" (you can use the same principal URL with multiple
// different logins, ...) it causes a problem if your server is accessible
// from multiple URLs (e.g. http://server/ and https://server/). If you want
// to store only the "principal/collection/" part of the URL (instead of the
// full URL) then enable this option.
// Example:
//var globalCrossServerSettingsURL=false;

So please check your settings and do not forget to delete the http://inf-it.com/ns/dav/:settings dav property value from your server (because settings in this value always overwrites the configured ones).



On 2 Oct 2018, at 11:43, Jacob Stoehr <jacob.stoehr@posteo.de> wrote:


I have radicale running on my server and run caldavzap on my laptop to
interact with it. The setup works fine, however I have quite a few
lists and I would like to (down)load all lists but activate only one.
From my understanding i have to change line 616 of config js:


however, this doesnt work. I really tried everything I could think of,
for example the syntax for the globalCalendarSelecter (which works) and
anything similar. If I dont insert the full https address, the Browser
console gives me this error:

TypeError: globalSettings.activetodocollections.value[i].match(...) is

From what I understand the code tries to loop over the items in the
array and perform a regex on them to extract relevant data. But I can't
extract the required syntax from the code.

Google or similar doesnt yield any results. I hope you people can help
me, it would be greatly appreciated.