Hello Jan,

Am 24.07.13 18:12, schrieb Ján Máté:

there are 2 different errors in your e-mail:

1.) netLoadCalendar ... => unsuccessful "calendar-multiget" REPORT ... looks very interesting because we cannot do anything here - we simply say JavaScript/jQuery to perform the request and waiting for the result ... the interesting part is that jQuery executes the "error" callback, but then it returns 207 (2xx = success) ... you can try to experiment with jQuery (maybe jQuery bug) and report more details about this error (or create a temporary access to your server and send me a private message with credentials)
This error only occurs on one of the nine calendars in this account. It would be possible to create an own account for you on the server, but unfortunately i'm not allowed to gain access to this account and the other calendars, as these contain high secret future appointments and events.

I understand
I've got an ics-File containing the problematic calendar. It is dumped via wget direct from the davical database. Uncompressed 116k. Not so big as i thought. Would this help?

If there is a chance to export and re-import the faulty calendar to a new account, i will do so. This calendar isn't so confidental. 
Also if you give me instructions for deeper debugging of jQuery, i will do so, too. But i'm not a java programmer.
JavaScript is not Java (personally I really hate Java but really love JavaScript) ... and sorry but I have no exact idea howto debug it - I just see that this is not CalDavZAP bug ... here is the documentation for the problematic call: http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.ajax/
Neither Java nor JavaScript are my profession. I'm only a admin. Shell and Perl are my world.

If the difference is only in dates then no, one example is enough.
The dates and one character in the subject line: (1/20xx), (2/20xx) and so on.