Hi Joachim,

there is plan to add support for indexedDB, but it is not as easy as it looks like. The main problem is that you need to protect data when the user is not logged in (e.g. encryption of offline data).

There is an initial work in that patch, but I'm quite busy so it is coming sometime after july (when I will finish all my current projects not related to our open source applications).



On 27 Apr 2017, at 11:46, Joachim Schiele <js@lastlog.de> wrote:


looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_CalDAV_and_CardDAV_implementations there is no support for Web_storage (or offline caching) in any of the html5 based caldav clients.

CalDavZAP looks really cool, so what would it take to implement offline caching (using html5 web storage) feature for CalDavZAP?

if that feature were included in CalDavZAP i'd create a electron version and we gain a nice minimal calendar application.

comments, ideas?


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