Hi Antonio,

here is the fix for CalDavZAP/InfCloud: https://www.inf-it.com/fixes/selection_fix_index.diff

Copy the file into your installation directory and use:

patch < selection_fix_index.diff


p.s.: the fix will be included in 0.13.0 final

On 10 Sep 2015, at 14:15, a.pessoa@free.fr wrote:

I juste updraded to the new version of caldavzap and now, but maybe there is no relationship, I've a little difference in time when I want to create a new event :
For example, on week view I clic on the time interval between 10 and 10:30 to create an event starting at 10, but the area that is greyed is the area 30' later, between 10:30 and 11 and then a window opens with a new event starting at 10:30.
I didn't had this before.
I'm using caldavzap with windows 7 and firefox 40.0.3
thanks a lot